Space 4235


Karen Nikgol

June 24, 2015

‘The Perfumery of Yves Saint Laurent’

In the perfumery everything is constructed to be perfect. The room is lush and pink, smells of sweat, semen and sulfur fills the room, which is constructed into three different levels of distillation. Naked body painted hippies are singing, playing sitar, meditating, all over the place. On the top level, Yves` boyfriend Pierre Bergé is sitting in a huge test tube, put on fire. He is sweating, meditating, masturbating, devoted forever to Yves, singing French hymns of love. His sweat trickels out of the test tube and into another tube containing a human skull. The sweet smell of sweat, semen and human bones are mixed, creating luscious drops of perfume flowing further into the second level through a connected tube. (Fire)

On the second level of the perfumery, Yves has put several tubes containing animals on the fire. Frogs, insects and birds are all sweating, sweating for Yves. The smell of semen and sweat from Pierre and the skull is mixed with the sweet smell of frogs and insects, sweating and dying in spams, convulsions of neon death. Their essence drizzles out, and is mixed with the essence of Pierre and the skull. The perfume drizzles further down and onto the third level. (Earth)

On the third level there is only one material. Here Yves is distilling the most perfect flower of them all, the red rose. He is looking content at the tube containing the rose, which is slowly dying, drying out and falling apart. The rose leaves off a sensual, sweet smell, mixed with the smell of a skull, semen, sweat, animals. A woman is beside him, singing hymns of the French republic, having orgasm and spasms. The perfume is now becoming perfect. (Water)

Yves, the modern alchemist smells his new perfume. A white drop trickles out of the test tube, seemingly looking like sperm but with the smell of heaven. He rubs it against his neck, throat and penis. Then he tastes his fingers, licking them gently. Animals, humans and flowers, all working, sweating towards the goal, the attainment of eternity. (Air)

For the exhibition “Obsessions” Karen Nikgol is showing several newly produced oil paintings and a film. The erotic and the esoteric, the trashy and the god like are mixed in his vision of future obsessions, obsessions that inevitably bring downfall or enlightenment to those that follow their own ideas and lusts. The narrative film “The Apparition of Santa Maria as envisioned by St.Ignatius of Loyola” is filmed in Genoa, Paris and Oslo. It deals with the struggle of a monk, obsessed with a skull, chasing his most important relic through different scenarios inspired by alchemy, freemasonry and geometry, into the afterlife.

Karen Nikgol (b.1983) is a painter, curator and choreographer. His works stretches itself into all these expressions, always erotic, mystical and quirky. His latest exhibitions include his own operetta “The Silent Song of The Sphinx” at Black Box Theatre in Oslo, painting and performance exhibitions at Combo in Cordoba, The Vigeland Park in Oslo, NO in NYC, 18th Street Arts Centre in Los Angeles, Museum Gavu Cheb in the Czech Republic and 4235 in Genoa, Italy.
His is currently working on a grand stage production entitled “Satyricon”, to be realized at Black Box Theatre in august 2016.
Karen is also one of the founding members and curators of the artist run space Noplace, Oslo.



‘La profumeria di Yves Saint Laurent’

All’interno della mostra “Ossessioni”, Karen Nikgol espone diversi dipinti a olio di nuova produzione e un film. L’erotico e l’esoterico, il trash e il divino sono mescolati, nella sua visione, alle ossessioni future, portando inevitabilmente alla rovina o all’illuminazione chi insegue le proprie idee e passioni. Il film narrativo “L’apparizione di Santa Maria, come previsto da Sant’Ignazio di Loyola”, girato tra Genova, Parigi e Oslo, tratta della lotta di un monaco ossessionato da un teschio, che insegue la sua più preziosa reliquia attraverso diversi scenari ispirati all’alchimia, alla massoneria, la geometria, e l’aldilà.

Karen Nikgol (b.1983) è artista, curatore e coreografo. Le sue opere abbracciano diverse espressioni, sempre erotiche, mistiche e stravaganti. Le sue ultime produzioni includono l’operetta “The Silent Song of The Sphinx”, al Black Box Theatre di Oslo, performance e pittura al Combo a Cordoba, Vigeland Park, Oslo, NO New York, 18th Street Arts Centre di Los Angeles, Museo Gavu Cheb nella Repubblica Ceca e 4235 a Genova, Italia. Karen è attualmente impegnato alla produzione di una grande opera teatrale intitolata “Satyricon”, in scena al Black Box Theatre di Oslo ad agosto 2016.
Karen è anche uno dei membri fondatori e curatori dell’artist-run space Noplace, Oslo.