Henrik Pask

"""""" Are the visitors "real" or "imaginary"? They are both and they are neither Any entity only possesses relative reality, including ourselves... Entities who manifest on other forms of consciousness, such as the Grays, are, at the same time, separate from us and aspects of our own psyche. We are the ground of their manifestation, and its only by attaining a nondual perspective that we can understand them. We are supposed to learn to work with the elementals and, also alleviate their suffering - it is clear from the abduction accounts that the visitors are suffering. Like dusty insects attracted to flame, the Grays yearn for our qualities of soul-warmth; despite their cunning and technological acumen, these qualities remain beyond them. They are intelligent and sentient, hence aware of their exiled status. Unable to escape their de-souled condition, they desire to draw humans into their lower world, sustaining their half-lives on our subtle energies. They appear to be utilizing their dream-world technologies in a serious and desperate attempt to find a way out of their cul-de-sac." -Daniel Pienchbeck