Karen Nikgol
with Sigmund Aasjord

We sacrifice unto Mithra, the Lord of Light sleepless, and ever awake;

'Who is lordly, deep, strong, and weal-giving; a chief in assemblies, pleased with

prayers high, holily clever, the incarnate Word, a warrior with strong arms!

'Who breaks the skulls of the Demons, and is most cruel in exacting pains; the

punisher of the men who lie unto Mithra, the withstander of the Darkness!

Who, when not deceived, established nations in supreme strength; who, when not

deceived, established nations in supreme victory!

'Who confounds the ways of the nation that delights in havoc, who turns away their

Glory. Takes away their strength for victory, blows them away helpless, and delivers

them unto ten thousand strokes; he, of the ten thousand spies, the powerful, all-seeing,

undeceivable Mithra.!.

'For his brightness and glory, I will offer him a sacrifice worth being heard!”


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